General FAQs
1.  Is the Mountains to Coast Ride a good choice for new riders?
      The Cycle NC Mountains to Coast Ride is suitable for cyclists of all skills levels from novice to the seasoned veteran.  The first few days will feature hilly terrain with some climbing and downhill descents.  As the ride nears the Coastal region of North Carolina, the roads will flatten and straighten out.  Training is always a key part to completing the Mountains to Coast Ride so be sure to check out our 8 Week Training Plan or other resources to prepare for 7 days of back to back riding.
     The route is fully supported, meaning, we have SAG vans patrolling the route in case you break down or need assistance. Rest stops are set up approximately 10-20 miles apart to offer refreshments, snacks and a chance to rest. Bike mechanics are ready to repair and get you back on the road to finish out the day.  The route is marked for easy navigation from start to finish.


2.  What does my registration fee include?

     Official Mountains to Coast Ride Participant Shirt
     Access to spacious outdoor camping at each overnight stop
     Campsite Luggage transport to each town
     Law enforcement support throughout the route
     Clear route marking at every turn
     SAG (Support & Gear) support while on the route
     Portable restrooms at Rest Stops and Campsites
     Local shuttles to take you dining options, shopping and hotels
     Electronic Cue Sheets & Maps
     Access to Ride with GPS Premium Membership features such as voice commands and GPS downloads
     Rest Stops with a Variety of Snacks & Beverages
     Clearly Marked Routes
     SAG (Support and Gear) Support
     End of Ride Celebration and Beverage Garden
     Local Entertainment & Activities
     Portable Restrooms at Rest Stops and Camp
     Shower Facilities
     Mechanical Support at Rest Stops & Camp
     Fully background checked staff and vendors
     Daily Recovery Zone sponsored by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of NC
     CNC Mobile App 
3.  Do I need to reserve outdoor camping space?
     No reservation is necessary for outdoor camping.  Space is based on a first-come, first-served basis.  Outdoor camping can be done on your own where you bring your tent, sleeping bag, etc. or you can utilize our Tent and Porter Service. 

4.  What if I plan to bring an RV, trailer or pop-up camper?
      If you are planning on bringing your personal camper, trailer or RV, you MUST indicate that when registering.  Water, sewer and electricity is not provided so you must come self-contained.  You may use a generator during the hours of 7am to 10pm.  All generators must be off from 10:01pm to 6:59am. 
5.  What food does CNC provide at the Rest Stops?
     CNC rest stops are spaced out approximately 10 to 20 miles and feature a variety of snacks and drinks.  For sanitary reasons, most snack items are prepackaged.  Below is a list of typical items you will find at our rest stops.
     BODYARMOR Sport Water with electrolytes (dispensers and bottled)
     Powerade (dispensers)
     Fruit (apples & bananas)
     Pickle Cups
     Clif Bars
      Fig Bars
      Kind Bars

     Sodas (coke and diet coke)
     Sweet and Salty trail mix
     PB&J sandwiches (at select stops)

6.  What time do the route open each day?
     There is not a mass start for this event so you can access the route at any time during the stated route hours.  If you leave before the route open or you are still on the route after they have closed, we cannot provide you with support services.  The first rest stop on the route will open approximately 15 minutes after the route officially opens.  Refer to your route cue sheets and map for the open/close hours of each rest stop. 
7.  Do I have to finish riding by a certain time each day?
     The routes have a closing time each day.  At that time, all services including rest stops, directional signage and SAG support will end. 

8.  What if I don't want to ride one of the days?
       The Cycle NC Excursions by Visit NC provide another great way for you to explore North Carolina and are the perfect option for when you want to take a day or days off from cycling. For just $20 per day, you will have the opportunity to explore wineries, breweries, historic sites, museums and other points of interest as your travel from one campsite to another. Transportation, bike transport and most admissions/tasting fees are included.
9.  Are pets allowed?
     If you are interested in bringing your pet, please click here to complete our Pet Permission Request Form. 

10.  Are stoves, grills and/or fire pits allowed?
     All open flames are prohibited.
11.  What kind of bike works best for this ride?
     The Mountains to Coast Ride is a perfect match for any style of bike.  In recent years, we have seen tandems, trikes, recumbents, road bikes, touring bikes, e-bikes, triathlon specific bikes, mountain bikes and even hand cyclists.  Make sure your bike is tuned up and ready before arriving to the ride.  Visit your local bike shop to have your bike looked at.  If you are bringing an e-bike, make sure you review the N.C. E-Bike Laws before attending the event.

12.   What safety tips, videos and/or articles can you suggest for cycling in NC?
       Below are a few links to resources such as our CNC Safety Tips, WalkBikeNC videos and articles on how to be a courteous cyclists.  

     Watch For Me NC Safety Resources
Cyclist  Safety In NC - Part I
Cyclist Safety In NC - Part II
Cyclist Safety In NC - Part III 
What is a courteous cyclist?
13.  Can a non-rider come with me on the ride?
       Yes, family members and friends are welcome to the ride.  Anyone wishing to spend the week with you camping and using the CNC Services (showers, portable restrooms, beverage gardens, socials, etc.) MUST be registered as a non-rider.  This is a discounted fee that includes all the benefits of a full registration minus access to the route.  We also encourage all non-riders to check out our Cycle NC Excursions by Visit NC which are another way to explore North Carolina without riding a bike!

14.  Will I have phone/email access during the ride?  Will there be a way for me to charge electronic devices?
      Cell service can vary both at camp and along the route.  Charging stations will be available throughout the week should you need to give your phone, tablet or electronic device a boost.  
15.  What if someone needs to reach me in case of an emergency?
      Should someone need to reach you in case of an emergency, they may call the Rider Services number. This number will be listed on your route cue sheets and on the route maps.  
16.  How do I cancel my registration?
       If you wish to cancel your registration, you must submit a written request through email at cyclenc@ncsports.org. To determine if you are eligible for a refund, see this year's Cycle NC Mountains to Coast Ride Refund policy which can be found under the Fees drop down at the top of this page.  
17.  How can I volunteer?
     Cycle NC can always use volunteers.  We encourage all family members, guests and locals to volunteer during the ride.  We are always looking for enthusiastic individuals or groups to help assist us during Check-in and at our Rest Stops.  If you are interested in volunteering, know someone that is willing to volunteer, needs community service hours or know a local group that might be willing to help, check out our Volunteer webpage for a list of opportunities.

18.  How do I access the routes and when are the routes released before the event?
     The offical Cycle NC routes are released the Monday before the event starts.  The routes will then be posted in Ride With GPS and made available via PDF cue sheets also.  You will need to be a registered rider to access the routes and will need to use the email address you registered with to login to the route page.  

19.  Will outdoor camping and the shower trucks be available on Saturday at the end of the ride?
     YES!  Just like every other day, we will have shower trucks, outdoor camping, charging station, etc. on the finishing Saturday.  Campsites and shower trucks will close at 9am on Sunday.