What to Pack for CNC?

Below is a list of items that cyclists and the CNC Staff have put together as a suggestion for what to bring on a multi-day bike tour in North Carolina. You may use this as a packing checklist, but keep in mind, this list is just a recommendation. There may be items you may want to bring that are not on this list. You can also visit our Facebook page or Message Board and ask other CNC riders what they bring. 

Note: Strapping or tying anything to your bag(s) is prohibited. CNC does not allow coolers, chairs, extra bikes, hard walled trunks, Tupperware bins, suitcases or gas stoves on the luggage trucks.
For the Bike  (Remember to bring your bike!) 
r USCF approved helmet 
     (To be worn at all times when on the bike)

r Rearview mirror
r Two 20 oz. water bottles (hydration packs work too)
r Frame mounted bike pump
r Standard tools (tubes, tire levers, patch kit, pump & rag)
r GPS unit
r Headlight and tail light
r Bike lock
r Bicycle towel
r Dog repellant

Cycling Clothing
r Short sleeved jerseys (4-5) 
r Long sleeved cycling jersey (1)
r Cycling shorts (4-5); tights (1-2)
r Wind jacket
r Brightly colored cycling rain jacket 
r Cycling gloves (one short-finger, one-long finger)
r Cycling shoes
r Shoe or toe covers
r Cleat covers
r Cycling Socks (5-7) 
r Sunglasses

Camp Clothing
r Shorts (2-3)
r Long Pants (1)
r Socks (3-4)
r Underwear
r Short sleeved shirts (2-4) 
r Long sleeved shirts (1-2)
r Comfortable off the bike shoes
r Sandals
r Hat and gloves
r Rain gear (waterproof or resistant, breathable fabric)
r Warm jacket (fleece)