Powerade State Games Featured Athletes

One of the most unique things about the Powerade State Games of North Carolina is that the Games feature athletes of all ages and skill levels. Over the next few months, leading up to the 33rd edition of the Powerade State Games, we will feature athletes with inspiring stories to tell about how their sport has influenced their life.

Think you have a good story? Maybe your athletic talents have earned you a college scholarship which you’d never thought possible. Perhaps friendships which you have made through travel sports have shaped you in ways you never could have imagined. Or maybe your team is doing something outside of practice to help give back your community. Every athlete and team has their own story and we want to hear yours. Use the buttons below to tell us about how sports has impacted your life.

July Featured Athlete Profile – Kate Miller

Kate Miller has been competing in the sport of Archery for the past six years. She attends Pinnacle Classical Academy, in Shelby, NC, where her journey with the sport began in the fifth grade. “Archery from a practical perspective, is not a sport that I would have...

April Featured Athlete Profile – Yolanda ‘YoYo’ Monroe

YoYo Monroe is an avid Pickleball player and quite an accomplished athlete. Her athletic journey was long devoted to the sport of handball, where she played internationally for several years. She was a member of Team USA and also traveled on the European Tour. The...

March Featured Athlete Profile – Angela Maher

Angela Maher first gave the sport of Figure Skating a try while she was enrolled in graduate school. “Growing up, I was always passionate about figure skating but the closest ice skating rink was nearly two hours away! So while I didn't get the chance to skate as a...