Route Info

About the Routes
The Cycle NC Mountain Ride is an epic and challenging 3-day excursion featuring lots of beautiful mountainous scenery, majestic mountain vistas, low traffic counts and back country mountain roads. Multiple route options will be offered each day ranging anywhere from 10 miles to 62 miles.  Over 300 miles of routes will be available to choose from during the weekend!  PLUS, on Friday, there will be a warm up ride available from 1pm-5pm!  The routes are a perfect fit for intermediate to experienced cyclists riding road bikes, most tandems, trikes and hybrids.  The best part is, you start and finish from the same location so there's no hassle of moving camp each day.  

All routes are fully supported with rest stops every 10-20 miles, Support And Gear vehicles (SAG’s), and bike mechanics.  The rest stops or aid stations, feature FREE snacks, energy bars (Clif Bars & Kind Bars), assorted drinks, water, pb&j sandwiches, restrooms and an opportunity to dismount, stretch and explore the area.  

CNC Mountain Ride Route Schedule
Friday: 1pm-5pm - optional 15-20 mile warm up ride
Saturday: Routes Open 8:00 am to 3:00 pm
Sunday: Routes Open 8:00 am to 2:00 pm

Route Details and Features
- Suitable for intermediate to experienced cyclists. 
- Perfect match for road bikes, most tandems, trikes and hybrids.
- Routes are loops that start and finish at Konehete Veterans Park
- Distances range from approximately 10 miles to 62 miles
- SAG support, bike technicians
- Rest stops every 10-20 miles
- ​Routes offered via Ride With GPS

Additional Route Information

Ride With GPS Links:
The Mountain Ride routes are powered by Ride With GPS, an online route software tailored for cycling.  The Ride with GPS software offers download options for a variety of Garmin GPS Models (i.e. Garmin Edge 800, 810, 500, 1000, etc.)   

An RSVP link will be sent via email no later than the Monday before the ride that will provide you access to all the Mountain Ride routes.  You'll also have access to premium member features including turn by turn voice navigation for the mobile app (ios and android), offline maps for the mobile app, export options in a variety of formats (TCX, Garmin Write, GPX, GPX Route, etc.) and the ability to download and print maps, elevation profiles, etc.  These features will be available for this event only so you will be able to enjoy the benefits of a premium membership FREE.    

Turn by Turn Cue Sheets and Route Maps:
The Mountain Ride route sheets featuring turn by turn instructions and detailed maps will be provided electronically for you to print and download no later than the Monday before the ride.  You are encouraged to come with your routes pre-printed, however, we will have a limited number of route sheets available at the Cycle NC Rider Services area.   

Bike Mechanics:
If you find your bike needs some assistance during the ride, bike mechanics will be at the start/finish and along each days routes.  

Support And Gear Vehicles (SAG):
All the routes are fully supported with CNC vehicles to provide assistance to riders in need.  Personal SAG's are not allowed on the routes at any time.