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Robert and Mariam Hayes Stadium @ UNC Charlotte, Truist Field & Stick Williams Dream Fields Complex

When //

June 12-16, 2023

Where //

Charlotte, NC


COMPETITION SITE: Robert and Mariam Hayes Stadium @ UNC Charlotte & Truist Field, Home of the Charlotte Knights & Stick Williams Dream Fields Complex

COMPETITION DATES: June 12-16, 2023

GENERAL INFORMATION: This will be the 37th year for the BODYARMOR State Games High School Baseball event, which is the premier high school baseball event in North Carolina.  Each year 32 high school coaches volunteer their time to hold tryouts in their regions and then select the 20 best players from the region.  BODYARMOR State Games coaches rotate up until they are the head coach and new coaches are added to every team each year.  This rotation ensures that all coaches, all schools, and all geographic areas of the state have the opportunity to participate in the BODYARMOR State Games.  The BODYARMOR State Games continues to be the best value in high school baseball with a minimal application fee of $18 and more than 80 college/professional scouts attending the event each year.

TOURNAMENT FORMAT: An eight-team underclassmen (2024, 2025 & 2026 graduates) tournament with scout workouts for each team.

ELIGIBILITY: Players must be current varsity (2024, 2025 & 2026 graduates) level players. Region is determined by the county in which you attend school. Players must register online for tryouts on or before March 3 to avoid an additional late fee.  Players must participate in a tryout that is announced on the Tryout List posted above to be selected.  BODYARMOR State Games coaches evaluate and score each individual player during tryouts.  All evaluation notes and scores are submitted to the BODYARMOR State Games office after tryouts to ensure fairness in team selections.  Twenty underclassmen (2024, 2025 & 2026 graduates) will be selected to represent each of the eight regions.