Official Tournament Programs

Commemorative programs featuring team rosters, tournament schedules and advertisements for companies such as yours are created annually for our High School Showcase events. These programs not only make a great souvenir for our athletes and their families, but they are also a perfect way to get your brand, coupon offers, etc. in front of a combination of local residents and visitors in attendance at the BODYARMOR State Games events.

Full Page, Half Page & Quarter Page spaces are available! See below for more details:

High School Baseball: June 18-21

Venues: Robert and Miriam Hayes Stadium at Charlotte

Info: The first day is dedicated to scout workouts for each team followed by a showcase tournament over the rest of the week. We annually see over 600 player’s tryout, leading to very competitive final rosters. In addition, 80+ college & MLB scouts attend the event each year!
Roster Size: 20 players * 8 teams = 160

Estimated Attendance = 4,000

High School Softball

June 18-19

Venues: Sue M. Daughtridge Stadium at Charlotte & Westmoreland Athletic Complex

Info: Six regional teams will participate in a Scout Workout and then compete in Pool Play games on Tuesday at Westmoreland Athletic Complex before advancing to the medal round games on Wednesday at Charlotte.
Roster Size: 15 players * 6 teams = 90

Estimated Attendance = 1,000

High School Soccer

June 22-23

Venue: Queens University Sports Complex

Info: Four regional teams for both Boys and Girls will compete in a round robin tournament with medal winners being determined by final standings.
Roster Size: 20 players * 8 teams = 160

Estimated Attendance = 1,200


Advertisement in All Three Programs

Full Page (5” x 8”)= $175

Half Page (Horizontal) = $100

Quarter Page (Vertical) = $60

Advertisement in One Sport Program

Full Page (5” x 8”) = $90

Half Page (Horizontal) = $55

Quarter Page (Vertical) = $35

Full Page Advertisement Example

Half Page & Quarter Page Advertisement Examples