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What //

Cabarrus Arena & Events Center

When //

June 15, 2024

Where //

4751 State Hwy 49
Concord, NC 28025


COMPETITION SITE: Cabarrus Arena & Events Center


ENTRY FEE: Registration fees starting at $55. Fees increase starting on April 15. Click “Register” for more details.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: 11:59pm on June 2nd 

EVENTS OFFERED: Traditional Kata (Forms), Weapons Kata, Sparring & Basic Techniques (Under Yellow Belt Only)

     - Beginner: White, Yellow and Orange Belt. Those that have one year of experience or less. 
     - Intermediate: Blue, Green and Purple Belt. Those that have one to two years of experience.
     - Advanced: Red and Brown Belt. Those that have more than two years of experience.
     - Expert: Black Belt. 

AGE BRACKETS: 5 & Under, 6-7, 8-9, 10-11, 12-14, 15-17, 18-35, 36+
   ** Youth Divisions will be split into Boys/Girls. Adult Divisions will be split into Men/Women. Any dispute on divisions due to different system or belt rankings will be decided by the Tournament Director & Arbitrator. 
   ** Competitors are welcome to wear their dojo uniform for this year's event.

     - Black Belt meeting will begin at 9:30am. Tournament will start promptly at 10am.
     - Youth Divisions will be first, followed by Adult Under Belts and then Adult Black Belts.
     - Only Judges, Scorekeepers and Competitors will be allowed on the Competition Floor.

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