June 8-9
Mecklenburg Wildlife Club
Charlotte, NC

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What //

Mecklenburg Wildlife Club

When //

June 8-9

Where //

2301 Wildlife Rd
Charlotte, NC 28214


COMPETITION SITE: Mecklenburg Wildlife Club


ENTRY FEE: Youth (11 & Under): $10 per event
                          Trophy: $20 per event
                          Money Classes: $30 (45% payback to top 3 places courtesy of Mecklenburg Wildlife Club)
                          Fun Shoot: $15 per event (no trophy)

SATURDAY SCHEDULE: 600 Field Round (40, 50 & 60 yards)
     9:00am: Registration
     10:00am: First line (group) shoots
     1:00pm: Second line (group) shoots
     3:00pm (approx.): Awards presentation (at the conclusion of the second line)

Classes Offered: Youth, Women’s, Mens and Senior in Recurve & Compound
SUNDAY SCHEDULE: 20 Target 3D (McKenzie Targets, Lower 12’s)
     9:00am: Registration opens
     9:00am to 3:00pm: Casual start
     5:30pm (approx.): Awards presentation

Trophy Classes: Youth (11 and under) – 15 yard max
                                 Youth Adult (12-15) – 25 yard max (boys and girls)
                                 Traditional – 25 yard max (long bow, recurve or stick bow; no sights or release aids)
                                  Novice Hunter – 30 yard max (known yardage 12” stabilizer, no lens)
                                  Hunter – 40 yard max (known yardage 12” stabilizer, no lens)
                                 Open – 40 yard max (known yardage)
                                 Seniors (50 & up) – 40 yard max (known yardage)
 * All Adult classes will be split into Mens and Womens.

Money Classes: Open & Senior Open
* All Adult Money classes will be split into Mens and Womens
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