Cycle NC Safety Tips

Some tips on how to avoid dogs when on the route:

  • Yell at the dog!  Yelling NO or DOWN usually works
  • Kick at the dog!  This depends on your agility as the dog is nearing your ankle.
  • Use dog repellent.  Please be careful on to use on aggressive dogs.
  • Spray them with water or Powerade.  An alternative use for your water bottle.

Other helpful tips while on Cycle NC:

  • Apply a waterproof sunscreen on exposed skin several times daily.  It should become a part of your rest stop routine while on the ride.
  • Wear padded gloves.  Shake out your arms and legs every couple of miles to avoid soreness.
  • Drink plenty of fluids At least one bottle an hour.  If you are not thirsty, drink anyways!  You can become dehydrated without knowing.
  • Stretch before and after riding and take plenty of breaks during the day.
    • ~~  Take special care when riding in pace lines. Most accidents on the routes are a result from bike on bike contact.
    • ~~  Do not tie loose clothing on your bike when riding as it can become untied and get tangled in your spokes.
    • ~~  Please refrain from using music devices and earphones when riding. This limits your hearing and may prevent you from being alerted of passing rider or even approaching cars. It’s for your own safety!
  • When crossing railroad tracks, do it slowly and at a 90 degree angle or just get off your bike and walk across.  ALWAYS walk your bike across if the tracks are wet, at an angle, or if traffic prevents you from crossing at a 90 degree angle.
  • Wear a light, brightly colored jacket when riding in the rain.  This will help prevent excessive loss of body heat that can result in Hypothermia.  Plus, the brighter the jacket color is, the easier motorists will be able to see you when driving in the rain.
  • Have your bike tuned up and inspected before your first day of riding on the tour.  Do not wait until the day of the ride to have your bike inspected.  Cycling Spoken Here will be onsite during the week to serve as our mechanical support. 
  • Inspect your bike daily during the ride.